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The Films: Reel One

Until sundown

Director: Josh Lawless
2 minutes

Ben Farrell & Josh Lawless showcase their riding in this beautiful film. Shot in the under-the-radar forests of Maine, they highlight the vast beauty of the state with vibrant sunsets spilling through gorgeous, mossy pine forests, and the passion of the local riding community.

The Process

Directors: Matt Pycroft, Matt Hardy
15 minutes

Tom Randall is a rock climber known for his commitment to training and at times, outrageous challenges he sets for himself. This time, Tom has set his mind on becoming proficient and efficient in the sport of fell running and combining this with his love of climbing fast and free. He has a madcap idea to try and complete the previously unattempted Lakes Classic Rock Challenge and a Bob Graham link up in 24 hours. That’s 15 classic Lakeland rock climbs, 42 summits and 142km. This film follows Tom as he progresses from a novice fell runner to expert status. 

Beauty Full Send: A love letter to inbounds skiing

Director: Christoph Thoresen
7 minutes

Follow skiers Anne Kissling, Madison Rose Ostergren (a local Jackson Hole skier), Tim Fritz and Jim Ryan on their hot laps down the front side of the Stubai Glacier in Austria as well as Davos-Klosters and Madrisa in Switzerland. The film captures the perfect balance between creativity, performance and edge with the filmmakers unique skill at creating an infectious energy between the cast and production crew. Special Guest Q+A

Wading for change

Directors: Sofía Jaramillo and Jr. Rodriguez
12 minutes

For conservationist and angler Jr Rodriguez to become “like the pictures he saw in magazines,” he had to leave behind what he loved the most. By juxtaposing Jr’s origins in Houston, Texas, and his current home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we share his journey of learning to love the outdoors and what it can be like to participate in outdoor sports in Western mountain towns as a person of color. 

meet a Mad farmer

Directors: Kirk Horton and Brandan Davis
5 minutes

Luke and Ali Peterson are not your normal farmers. They are regenerative farmers surrounded by corn and soybeans for miles. The Petersons’ farm is a sign of diversity and healthy crops. To others they might seem crazy, but the Petersons think of regenerative farming and food as a beacon of hope for a healthier farming system, showcasing that soil health can lead to healthier foods and happier farmers.

Diagonal: An uncharted path across colorado

Director: Ryan Ernstes
10 minutes

Colorado local India Wood bucks the traditional way of recreating and takes an unique and in-depth look at the world around her. India’s walk is a celebration of the originality that makes us human, and the delight that comes in doing things a little bit differently.


Director: Dev Walker
14 minutes

After battling a life-threatening disease, a young man with down syndrome proves that challenges are meant to be overcome and that there’s no obstacle big enough to steal his joy. His determination is inspirational. His kindness is golden. His name is Joey Baar.

Walking on clouds

Director: Renan Kamizi
6 minutes

This short film shows the highline crossing between two air balloons, performed at the end of 2021, in the city of Praia Grande, Santa Catarina, Brazil, by athlete Rafael Bridi, achieving the highest highline record in the world by the Guinness Book.

The Trapline

Director: Andrea Wing
11 minutes

Andrea Wing’s film shows what it’s like to take on life in the sub-zero regions of Yukon as a trapper, albeit a female one. Surviving in the wilderness is an everyday life for Sydney Van Loon after 75-year-old Yukon trapper Jurg Hofer, in the twilight of his career, passes along his ethos and his trapline to the dedicated Sydney.