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About Us


Tim Gruber

Co-Host & Community Engagement

In addition to working with Wydaho, Tim teaches 2nd and 3rd grade in Teton Valley. He loves meeting new people, learning from new people, and sharing stories. When not in the classroom, he can be found running around Teton Valley, pouring drinks at Highpoint Cider, or working on Valley Voices, a local storytelling event.

Phil Mollenkof

Co-Founder & Marketing

Phil has worked in marketing and brand strategy for most of his career, helping nonprofits, for-profits and social enterprise businesses tell their story better through his firm Cultivate. He’s a huge believer in the power of film storytelling, and has worked in a variety of roles within the adventure film festival industry.


Allie Mollenkof

Co-Founder, Co-Host and Production

Allie has spent her entire career serving others through the nonprofit and education sector, and has worked with a number of nonprofits in a variety of places. She is incredibly passionate about creating spaces for community and positive change to happen in the Teton region.